Publication Type: Papers

A variational inequality formulation of equilibrium models for end-of-life products with nonlinear constraints

European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 236, 1, 2014, 340-350.
F. Toyasaki, P. Daniele, T. Wakolbinger
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Duality Theory and Applications to Unilateral Problems

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P. Daniele, S. Giuffrè, A. Maugeri, F. Raciti
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Random Variational Inequalities and the Random Traffic Equilibrium Problem

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P. Daniele, S. Giuffrè
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New existence theorems for quasi-variational inequalities and applications to financial models

European Journal of Operational Research, 251, 2016, 288-299.
C. Ciarcià, P. Daniele
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The Financial Equilibrium Problem with a Markowitz-Type Memory Term and Adaptive Constraints

J. Optim. Theory Appl., 171, 2016, 276-296.
P. Daniele, M. Lorino, C. Mirabella
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A Mathematical Network Model and a Solution Algorithm for IaaS Cloud Computing

Networks and Spatial Economics, DOI: 10.1007/s11067-019-09460-x, 2019.
G. Colajanni, P. Daniele
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A network model for minimizing the total organ transplant costs

European Journal of Operational Research, 266, 2018, 652-662.
V. Caruso, P. Daniele
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