Academic Positions

  • October 2017 Full Professor in Operations Research

  • January 2005 Associate Professor in Operations Research

  • October 2001 Assistant Professor in Operations Research

  • Spring semester 2006 Visiting Scholar at the Division of Engineering and Applied Science (DEAS), Harvard University

Selected Awards

  • Award “Gioacchino Iapichino” for the year 1996, Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei
  • Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center Fellowship, 2003.
  • Visiting Scholarship during the Spring semester 2006 at the Division of Engineering and Applied Science (DEAS), Harvard University.

Important events

Last Publications

More Publications


Journal of Convex Analysis 25(2), 2018, 339-340.
P. Daniele, F. Giannessi, M. Théra
Publisher's website

A Mathematical Network Model and a Solution Algorithm for IaaS Cloud Computing

Networks and Spatial Economics, DOI: 10.1007/s11067-019-09460-x, 2019.
G. Colajanni, P. Daniele
Publisher's website

Variational Inequalities, Nash Equilibrium Problems and Applications

Special Issue of the journal Networks and Spatial Economics
S. Battiato, G.M. Farinella, S. Giuffrè, G. Lax, L. Scrimali Eds.


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