Publication Type: Papers

Double-layered dynamics: a unified theory of projected dynamical systems and evolutionary variational inequalities

European Journal of Operational Research, 175, 1, 2006, 494-507.
M.G. Cojocaru, P. Daniele, A. Nagurney
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Dynamic Electric Power Supply Chains and Transportation Networks: An Evolutionary Variational Inequality Formulation

Transportation Research E., 43, 2007, 624-646.
A. Nagurney, Z. Liu, M.G. Cojocaru, P. Daniele
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The Internet, Evolutionary Variational Inequalities, and the Time-Dependent Braess Paradox

Computational Management Science, 4, 2007, 355-375.
A. Nagurney, D. Parkes, P. Daniele
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Infinite Dimensional Duality and Applications

Mathematische Annalen, 339 (1), 2007, 221-239.
P. Daniele, S. Giuffrè, G. Idone, A. Maugeri
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Lagrange Multipliers and Infinite-Dimensional Equilibrium Problems

Journal of Global Optimization, 40 (1), 2008, pp. 65-70.
P. Daniele
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Remarks on General Infinite Dimensional Duality with Cone and Equality Constraints

Communications in Applied Analysis, 13 (4), 2009, 567-578.
P. Daniele, S. Giuffrè, A. Maugeri

Evolutionary Variational Inequalities and Applications to Complex Dynamic Multi-level Models

Transport. Res. Part E, 46, 2010, pp. 855-880, doi: 10.1016/j.tre.2010.03.005.
P. Daniele
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Variational formulation for a general dynamic financial equilibrium problem: Balance law and liability formula

Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods & Applications, 75, 2012, pp. 1104–1123.
A. Barbagallo, P. Daniele, A. Maugeri
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Further Results for General Financial Equilibrium Problems via Variational Inequalities

Journal of Mathematical Finance, 3, 2013, 33-52.
A. Barbagallo, P. Daniele, M. Lorino, A. Maugeri, C. Mirabella
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